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The RulerWrap for Apple Pencil


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An ultra-thin vinyl protective skin that converts your stylus into a convenient measuring device.

Converts your stylus into a convenient measuring device, great for creatives on the go.
Optimizes your work flow. Useful for reverse engineering, product design, 3D modeling, 3D printing, and UX design.
Improves the grip of your stylus for greater control and less accidental drops.
Ultra-thin transparent skin eliminates wireless charging issues, premature peeling, and won't cover up your custom engravings.
100% Made in Canada. Supporting local business and fair labor practices is important to us, as is providing the highest quality product possible.

Top Features

High quality laser-cut vinyl for an accurate fit
Quick and easy installation, no heat required vinyl
Millimeter and inch units, inspired from precision measuring calipers
Glossy transparent finish for a grippier surface and a stock look
No adhesive residue left behind if removed
Wide compatibility with many devices and styluses.

Product Details

Designed with the Apple Pencil 2 in mind, The RulerWrap adheres to the curved surface of the stylus leaving the flat surface uncovered to avoid interfering with its magnetic charging surface, potential fitment issues, and covering up any of your custom engravings.

Compatibility: Designed for Apple Pencil 2nd Generation, but can fit a large variety of devices including Apple Pencil 1st Generation. Confirm using dimensions below.

Dimensions: 38mm x 143mm
Color: clear / transparent
Thickness: 0.1mm
Material: high-grip gloss finish vinyl

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Step 1 - Clean

Clean your stylus with a small amount of rubbing alcohol or water to remove any surface oils left from your hands. 

Step 2 - Peel

Peel back one corner of the wrap and proceed to peel and fold the wrap's backing along the length of the wrap. Take your time here and do not touch the sticky side of the wrap. 

Step 3 - Line 'em up

Visually line up both corners of the wrap slightly below the flat edge of the stylus. With both corners lined up correctly (but not touching yet), lightly stick one corner of the wrap so that it can still be pivoted without stretching it and lightly stick the second exposed corner.

Step 4 - Stick

Press the sticker with a downward pressure, slowly pressing along the length of the wrap in sections as you curl around the stylus. Disperse your finger pressure as much as possible to avoid stretching or deforming the wrap.

Step 5 - Final touch

As you loop around your stylus, keep an eye out for air pockets and gently push them out as you go. Work in 3mm increments to ensure a clean install.

Once you've fully adhered the wrap to the stylus, do one final inspection of the wrap and ensure all air pockets are gone. We like to give one more pass on all corners and edges to ensure adhesion is optimal in areas that may experience the most friction.

And you're done, great job! Now enjoy your convenient measuring device and let us know how it is.





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