Microsoft Surface Pen (with no clip)

Installation Guide

NOTE: The RulerWrap version for the Microsoft Surface Pen (with no clip) is made of two separate pieces. The shorter piece is made for the shorter battery cover of the Surface Pen. We find it best to start with the longer piece. 

Step 1 - Clean

Clean your stylus with a small amount of rubbing alcohol or water to remove any surface oils left from your hands. A small amount will not harm your device and it will help ensure the wrap adheres properly. It can also help to wash and dry your hands prior to installing as well.

Step 2 - Peel

Peel back one corner of the wrap and proceed to peel and fold the wrap's backing along the length of the wrap. Take your time here. Do not touch the sticky side of the wrap and do not make any folds to the vinyl wrap itself.

Step 3 - Line 'em up

When lining up the first longer piece, utilize the edge of the battery cover to align the sticker. If steady enough you will feel the wrap butt up against the removable section of the Surface Pen. To avoid prematurely sticking the wrap, keep it at a 90 degree angle to the stylus when lining up the cornersWith both corners lined up correctly (but not yet touching the stylus), lightly stick one corner of the wrap so that it can still be pivoted without stretching. After sticking the first corner, lightly stick the second exposed corner.

TIP: To ensure that it your wrap is even on both sides once fully wrapped, start the wrap 1mm below the flat edge of the pen. Ensuring the wrap does not overhang the flat edge of your stylus will help prevent it from catching on corners.


Step 4 - Stick

Press the sticker with a downward pressure, slowly pressing along the length of the wrap in sections as you curl around the stylus. Disperse your finger pressure as much as possible to avoid stretching or deforming the wrap.

As you loop around your stylus, keep an eye out for air pockets and gently push them out as you go. You can also try rolling your stylus over a flat surface to stick the wrap evenly, while periodically pausing the roll every 3mm to check for air pockets.


Repeat steps 1 to 4 for the rear smaller section of your Surface Pen. This time, butt up against the already installed section of the RulerWrap as your reference point.


Step 5 - Final touch

Once you've fully adhered the wrap to the stylus, do one final inspection of the wrap and ensure all air pockets are gone. We like to give one more pass on all corners and edges to ensure adhesion is optimal in areas that may experience the most friction. As a final optional step, you can apply a slight amount of heat during your final pass over the wrap.

And you're done, great job! Now enjoy your convenient measuring device and let us know how it is.