About Us


When you meet someone new, there's a lot you don't know about them, so thanks for your curiosity and taking a step to get to know us better. Have a read below to understand more about where we came from, who we are, and where we're going.  

Our Perspective

At TechWrap we are designers. Freelancers. Inventors. Travelers. Most of us live life on the go, but that doesn't mean the work stops when we're remote. The tools we carry need to have maximum utility and be mobile. That's why at TechWrap we make accessories for creatives that improve their work flow in the studio or on the road. It all started with having a need that didn't exist on the market.

We have quite a few products coming down the pike, but we're kicking things off with The RulerWrap, which is a transparent measuring device that can easily be applied to any stylus or surface, and be utilized as a convenient ruler. It almost seems too simple, but its usefulness is hard to describe until you actually have that real world measuring reference in your fingertips at all times.

During the design process of a project, such as a new app, marketing material, or reverse engineering a widget in 3D, we often are using a stylus on an iPad or MS Surface tablet. Another tool we use everyday as part of our workflow is a set of calipers for making precise measurements, or using it as a real world reference when prototyping something new. When visualizing the design of a new product it can be very useful to have a measuring tape or ideally a set of calipers handy to reference. But if you're working at the cafe, or away from the studio, you likely didn't pop your calipers into your pocket before you left.

This is where The RulerWrap comes into play. We have partly captured the user experience of a caliper and slapped it onto a stylus to create a portable measuring device. We've found it to really help our digital workflow, especially while modelling in 3D. With this wrap installed, setting down our stylus and reaching for the calipers has become a thing of the past, which means far less workflow interruptions.

Its created so much utility for us that we wanted to bring this simple and useful product to market. This is just the beginning, so stay tuned and let us know what you use your RulerWrap for. If you have any suggestions, or would love to see a specific measuring unit conveniently in the palms of your hands, let us know your thoughts!

Put things into perspective with The RulerWrap today.